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These links point towards pages which I have saved here, because pages often have a habit of vanishing off the face of the map. As this site is part of a repository of "one-stop shops" of research which has taken many years to accumulate, the citation of where found is in the pages, the content of which I may or may not agree, but which is presented in an attempt to present (in context) material of which you may be unaware.

These pages are almost all written by other people who are probably better informed than me over the matters that need linking to this site for meaningful research.

If we don't look things up, we will never get a more accurate version of what someone else has taught us in the past (usually in good faith); we all make mistakes and tend to believe people in whom we have (often unwisely) placed our trust, such as Rev. Dr. John Hagee, who has made some outrageous statements that do not stand up to scrutiny.

This is like the advice given by the LDS prophet Joseph Smith who (seriously) stated that the moon was inhabited by men much like those on earth, wearing stove-pipe hats. I was unaware of that statement of his until about 1985!

http://wildernesschristianity.net/info/Zionism is a repository containing a small number of some others' research about Zionism. There is a directory listing here with various historical notes, and strange as it may seem, there is little support for the concept of Zionism (whether promoted by Christians or by Jews) as valid thinking which is a source of concern to many people who see promotion of it, by and large, as a fabrication of ideas on a false foundation.


More can be found if YOU do a search yourself. Not just google, either but other search engines have existed for several decades. My searches have been saved progressively over at least 20 years.

I have pondered the following thought for many of those years that the lands the Zionists wish to acquire by force, right round the "Fertile Crescent" and further afield, as part of the expnsion drive the Zionists have made noises about for their perceived need for a considerably larger version of "eretz y'israel" my very well be much more responsible for the militant Muslims who over ge last few months flexed their muscles more and more, to the point where "ISIS" as a highly organised and mechanised war machine with the capability of waging war on the whole West with bacterial weapons such as "ebola" has come into being.

Please remmber back only a few years wen UN Weapons Inspectors had evidence of bacterial and other "weapons of mass destruction" - and then - suddenly - the actual stuff couldn't be found, so the world was told it never existed!

Who's fooling who?

Like an Agatha Christie "whodunit" - but I don't believe it was fiction. The people who have created ISIS come from the same geographical area the weapons were originally hidden in.

And there was an interesting video release made in September 2013 of the documented aims for he boundary pegs of "Greater Israel" which "prophet" John Hagee of the "Restoration Movement" has written and spoken about on numerable occasions.

Please just consider this thought as well.

All Christians are infidels in he eyes of the people who make these decisions. Because some noisy Christians tell the rest of the world that "Christians are for Israel", where does that leave you and me, my friend?

In the same bucket as "all Muslims" are in the mind of most non-Muslims, whether believers or not. Yes, you read it right. We are all guilty by association in the eyes of those militant Islamists (that is a word I use in preference to "Muslims" who by-and-large I have found to be honorable and considerate to others). And in their eyes all westerners are "Christians" and vice-versa.

That, I believe is all that needs to be said on the matter, but please consider it carfully, and don't write it off as a "conspiracy theory". It ain't.

These pages have been produced in an attempt to dissuade the very rude and unchristian views of Christians who believe they have the right to ridicule well researched work done by someone else purely on the basis that the author is persistently faced with the "I have all the answers - and you are ignorant, and your opinion is of little or no value". Please remember the context with which our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ said "I never knew you" when faced with people at the judgment seat who claimed to have done "this, that and the other" in "His name". What was it now? Ah yes, He said "I never knew you". Knew means a relationship. If you batter the sheep He loves, it is not being relational. You might like to read about "Battered Sheep" in the same /info directory


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