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Marlene Hammersmith

"Hammersmith History"

This is a continuation from the front page of this website.

It needs to be stressed that this site is NOT created to discredit any of the bible teachings promoted
by Mrs. Hammersmith insofar as they conform to"regular" Christian teachings

She conducts her "Continuers Bible Study" activities in premises
she occupies in "St. Matthew's" Anglican church at Marryatville

However there are many cultish teachings and practices that have crept into Christianity, of which a large number came out of the fall-out and excesses from what is known as the "Latter Rain" or "Saskatchewan" revival of 1948, that took place under the direction of the "Sharon Brethren" at North Battleford.

You may have heard of so-called "apostles" and "prophets" with names such as Rick Joyner, Benny Hinn (self-named "Benny Jehovah" - because he claims that is accurate as God lives in him), Rodney Howard-Browne, Kenneth Copeland, John Hagee, and many others.

You may have heard of the so-called "Toronto Blessing", described by a teen some years ago in a tantrum to her parents who had stopped attending the church I had walked away from, who insisted on wanting to "roll on the floor barking like a dog".

I mention these things because many people are unaware of these people and their activities, and even fewer are aware of the degree of dicrediting that many responsible commentators have published about them since, pointing out the severe biblical errors promoted by them.

I am not for a moment suggesting that Mrs Hammersmith pushes these teachings, but it is always wise to check out the bona-fides of those who would teach any doctrines. Old saying... "Caveat Emptor". A Latin legal phrase, meaning "Let the Buyer Beware" - like in used-car sales.

However, saying all that, I make the point in the recorded narrative you can access, track by track, from this page, that when you are listening to something new, you place yourself in auto-indoctrination mode.

You (and I - as on that day) take the teaching, regardless of whether it is religious, or if it is in an engineering diploma or degree course - which is what I did in the 1950's and 1960's - matters not; the lecturer is assumed to "know what they are talking about".

However, if perchance you hear something you KNOW is untrue, you then start to wonder "What else isn't right?", surely

Regardless of why something is untrue, it is by definition a lie. Even though it may have been taught with the best of intentions, with good will, because the speaker had been taught by someone else, and they had never heard the real facts.

That is what happened to me the day I heard the first of Mrs. Hammersmith's teachings about "Daniel, more than a Lion Tamer".

When I was brow-beaten and bullied by someone who should have known better, who accused me of heavens knows what because I had dared to disagree with what both the preacher and the person harrassing me said, you know I was put off attending the rest of the study series about Daniel as a result. It may well have been thoroughly biblical and I might have enjoyed it. I shall never know.

Why did I bother to draw to their attention the errors in teaching? Because I had spent the best part of twenty years thinking the way a member of a cult church thinks. What is a cult church? A good example is in where Paul writes to the Galatians chiding them for how soon they had left the real gospel for one that was no gospel (good news) at all. And the few who leave any of the cults seldom listen to or accept the biblical Jesus.

You know, one of the most infamous teachings that came out of the "Latter-Rain" was the regularly misused and quoted out of context text of "Do not touch the Lord's annointed". This is used to prevent a valid challenge of doctrine presented by a preacher or teacher. Who said they were the Lord's annointed? Did the Lord say so? Or did they say so? Whatever happened to the concept of "Test All things"?

That was what was used (in the attitude shown, though not the actual words) against me. I was accused of "Carrying cult church baggage" and "I could not possibly know the gospel accurately" although I have ministered for nearly thirty years in the area of the cults, being part of an Australia-wide team a lot of the time. I have presented in many churches an illustrated lecture on "The Great Latter-Day Heresy" and recorded a number of cassette tapes (now digitised).

You can find them at www.LDS-deception.chatministries.org

Don't get me wrong, it actually makes me laugh, because the person concerned promotes cultish teaching of a different nature themselves. What angers me is the closed minded attitude they present in THEIR teaching others - like when they ridicule a person for disagreeing. They probably don't realise what they are saying to the folks standing around with jaws wide open, hearing the vitriol coming out of the mouth of a revered person in their church leadership.

Very sad, an horrendously bad example. Note, I am not identifing the person, nor the position of power they were exercising. And, honestly, yes, it is a power game. I've seen it in the cults, and I've seen it in what I euphemistically describe as "real churches".

Few Christians don't have some cultish elements in their beliefs because no denomination of any church is free from the tentacles of not just the latter-rain, but personality cults too.

The "right" authors we are told to read in home groups, the "right DVDs" watched in church (and at home), and all the "right songs" in church (and pay big royalties for) and so on. This makes a lot of money for the very wealthy gurus out there in "Church Land". An excellent book to read is Hank Hannegraaf's "Christianity in Crisis", as is also Gary Althorp's "The devil's playground - The Church" which has a by-line of "A call to return to the foundations of Biblical Christianity". If you haven't read them, you may be in for a great surprise.


So let us start listening to my CD whose tracks are here in mp3 form, nice small files that won't take ages to download. You may need to save them to your computer before playing them, as my server does not "stream".

First the introduction (and right click to save this and the others if you choose.

This was the quote from Marlene which woke me up out of being indoctrinated, and...

this is my explanation of why the whole bit was ridiculously biassed towards a political agenda (which is what Zionism actually is, after all, and which did not need to be included as background information, and which was untrue in any event.

this is my comments on Belteshazar, leading to citation problems.

this is her first citation problem.

this is her second citation problem.

this is my citation resolution.

this is my mention of "magii".

this is is her explanation of magii".

this is my response to track 9, leading to closer.

this is the whole of Mrs. Hammersmith's teaching on the morning of Sunday 20th Janary 2013, so you can listen to it all in context, unedited apart from the volume level having had to be raised to a listen-able level.

Having discussed it all with a person in leadership (not the upper echelon, though) I made a phone call to the state office of the denomination and was advised that Mrs Hammersmith eas NOT accredited to preach by the Churches of Christ in South Australia because she was a "Lay Person".

So much for the concept of the "Priesthood of all Believers" which is emblazoned (in several places) across the national HQ website. I thought I was at a church that believed in that.

I asked in the script for the CD "What to do with the audio production created here?"

I have no answer to that question as the silence from those I've tried to discuss it with has been really deafening.

The only time I have previously made such a challenge to tell the truth was from watching an ABC on-air interview in 1987 with a Latter-Day Saint High Priest where I explained where he, too, had an agenda. That recording I made had the surprising effect of stopping the conversion process of a couple of people to heretical beliefs, some twenty-five years ago.

I believe that my thinking might have become acceptable to this self-appointed expert who didn't believe in history if she had bothered to read that earlier rebuttal here at www.lds-deception.chatministries.org/mp3/compass_revisited



These pages have been produced in an attempt to dissuade the very rude and unchristian views of Christians who believe they have the right to ridicule well researched work done by someone else purely on the basis that the author is persistently faced with the "I have all the answers - and you are ignorant, and your opinion is of little or no value". Please remember the context with which our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ said "I never knew you" when faced with people at the judgment seat who claimed to have done "this, that and the other" in "His name".

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